Resurrection Sunday

I know it’s been a while – forgive me. I wanted to start off by saying happy Easter to all. This is just a quick post really, i just wanted to make a point by addressing all those out their that don’t actually take into consideration what Easter actually stands for. It does not just denote the end of winter and it’s not all about Easter eggs and getting the family round for a big dinner. It’s about hope and new life.
The term “Resurrection Sunday” is used when referring to the annual christian remembrance of Christs Resurrection.

 Jesus has been obscured by painted eggs and bunnies. Attention has been shifted away from spiritual truth and toward materialism (clothing, products and candies with the wrong symbolism). Stores merchandise the name of Easter (not “Resurrection Sunday”) and sell goods that have nothing to do with Christ’s death and resurrection. Christians naively use symbols and practices that unknowingly perpetuate ancient anti-Christ traditions – symbolic customs followed by the same religious cults that inspired the destruction of great numbers of Christians and Jews. Is the Devil laughing at us? source -http://www.christiananswers.net/q-eden/edn-t020.html  Go here to further read what lies behind Easter.

I do give Easter eggs at Easter- the eggs are a symbolism of new life, but i am not caught up in the materialized reference towards Easter, i take note of what Easter stands for and so should you all. Remember that today was the day Christ came back!


Devotional Thought For The Day

How blessed we are when we recognize God as our refuge and strength. Most people think of bank accounts, houses, investments, job, or their own talents and abilities as their “refuge and strength.”

When these things fail and pass away such people are devastated and have no comfort. For this distorted way of thinking prevents them from realizing that God is an “ever present help.” Instead, they interpret their experiences as evidence that even God has forsaken them.

Notice that God is an ever present help “in trouble.” Whether times are good or bad, God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help. Yes, even God’s people experience times of “trouble.” But He promises, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you, and you will glorify Me.” [Ps. 50:15]

Thank you God for your continuous Strength and guidance. Amen


Dear God,
The situation i have been facing has been so bleak. Everyday i have been haunted by the question “What if.”
Last night matters reached a peak, i was at a state of distress and turmoil. Sitting amongst my thoughts i felt your presence with an intensity that filled me with an overwhelming sense of joy. I felt reassurance in knowing that you were there and i just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for being my best friend, for being the one who i can always confide in. I don’t no how i would cope without your help, your guidance.
Today i feel a lot more optimistic about things. I know there’s no need to worry, for the direction of my life is in yours hands, and when at my lowest points you always remind me of that. Things will turn out how they are meant to and despite my fears, i cannot control the outcome of this situation. A long time ago i laid my life in your hands and i know that you will always pick what’s best for me. That i have complete and utter faith in. Whilst we talked you wiped away my fears and placed warmth in their place. What need do i have to worry with you by my side! I know everything will be just fine, and that there is a reason why the situation has reached this point.

Once again – Thank you.



Last night i sat and thought about forgiveness. I asked myself what forgiveness means to me. I asked myself how i can forgive those who have done me wrong – i mean really done me wrong. I don’t hold any anger in my heart, i used to but that was before i knew how to let go of it, that was before i realised that it’s not right and the only person that was affected by it was me. I tend to walk away from things now, i don’t just mean physically but emotionally. I sort of cut myself off and i guess numb myself to that situation. But i know that despite the fact that i have moved on from the wrong doings of others and i hold no anger there towards them, it does not mean that i have forgiven them. There are a few important people in my life that i would like to forgive for certain things, but for years i have found it extremely difficult because it has been an on-going cycle with them.
I asked God how i can find it in my heart to forgive them. He answered “The same way i find it in mine to forgive you”. I am not perfect, neither is anyone else, we all make mistakes and i know i have definitely made my fair share. I have done things that i thought would have caused God to turn his back on me, but he never did. He found it in his heart to forgive me, to look past my faults and love me. What gives me the right to feel that i should not do the same for others.

O Lord Jesus, forgive me for my presumptuous arrogance toward the weaknesses of others. Humble me, by enabling me to remain aware of the depths of my own sin. Give me the joy of Your forgiveness, and the joy of living graciously toward others, within the fellowship of those who love you.Amen.


I wanted to share with you a poem written by Rose Gingerich.

Christianity is not a religion,
But a relationship.
It’s not about keeping the law,
But about being forgiven when we slip.
It’s not about what we’ve done,
But rather about whats been done for me.
It’s not to put us in chains,
But it’s to set us free.
Christianity is not about regulations,
But an invitation to walk with him.
It’s not walking in darkness,
But in the light that never grows dim.
It’s not about being perfect,
But about being forgiven.
It’s not just for this life,
But to go on eternally livin’
Christianity is not about condemnation,
But it’s all about receiving salvation.
It’s not living a righteous life,
But by faith receiving justification.
It’s not a sign of weakness,
But receiving strength to run this race,
It’s not getting something we deserve,
But we are freely saved by his grace.


Do you Believe?

Are we welcoming the life that God has chosen for us?
Talking to a good friend of mine gave me inspiration to write this post. She is someone who is at a bit of a low point right now. Her faith in herself is none existent. She does not seem to believe that she is able to achieve anything she wants.  She has no confidence in herself and does not feel that she is just as special as all the rest of us. Her current situation brings her worry and complications and she does not see that only she can bring herself out of it by believing she can.
This got me thinking  a lot about life, the universe and God. I have strong belief in the fact that God did not give us a chance in life to lead a life of pain, worry and struggles. Our lives have already been laid out for us, God has foreseen our destiny for he is the one who created it.
We have faith in God, but how many of us truly allow ourselves to have total faith in the life that God has put us here to live. Having this faith will bring that life into focus. Doubting God’s decision will cause us to block ourselves from living that life.

I used to be just like my friend. I had no faith in myself. I had a lot of worries and struggles which only seemed to mount up. I couldn’t see a way out. My situation then reached a peak for me. I realised that the cure to my anguish was in prayer, that was something i hadn’t done in a while, I was entangled in my state of mind. Talking with God opened my mind. I began to see that there was a way out, i only had to believe. I could change my situation. That more was meant for me. I realised that i had a lot to be thankful for, including my current situation. For it was a part of my journey in this wonderful life that God has given me. It allowed me to see that i was stronger than i thought i was. I started to see that there is no reason i should not have total faith in myself, i had to stop believing that i wasn’t good enough to do the things i wanted to.
I then began to see that i had in fact been very selfish. There are people in this world with far more severe issues. I was also being disrespectful to God. For me being in the state i was, my faith in him was lacking. I know God put me here to live a wonderful life. So many times i have questioned myself and the direction of my life and this has thrown me off track to my correct destination and that is when God has stepped in and given me a little nudge to point me back in the right direction. But me doubting God’s decision for my life would then lead him to say “Well you don’t have faith in me so I’ll give you the life that you are expecting until you are ready to believe that more is meant for you.”
Since acquiring this realization my life has changed in a big way and it continues to each and every day that i grow and learn.

God always gives me faith in knowing that he’s there and that a life path has been set out for me based on his judgment. I think that a lot of us allow our current circumstances – our appearances to overshadow our reality, that is…. a life full of abundant joy, wealth, love and happiness. God would not want it any other way. We all face our struggles and difficult situations that seem never ending, but knowing that it is only temporary – knowing that God is not going to allow you to face any situation that you are not strong enough to handle will bring you through it.

I think that some of us may not even be aware of the fact that we are not appreciating Gods decision of the life that we were created to lead, and this could be because we don’t believe that more is meant for us, that things could be different, things seem so bad that you cant see them being any other way. You not only have to have faith in knowing that God is always there for you, but you also have to have faith in knowing that the current issues you face – your circumstances, and your reality are completely different and only YOU can bring that reality into focus by believing that is how God meant for it to be.

Holocaust Fire

Today my thoughts are with those affected by the ferocious fire that has teared through Victoria state – Australia, my prayers will be for all those who lost their homes and loved ones. The blaze has claimed the lives of 173 people so far and the toll is set to rise. It is said that more than a dozen fires continue to burn uncontrolled. Click here to view up-date News and further videos.